While we are a tree preservation oriented company, there are times when tree removal is a requirement. In these cases we can assure you our crews will perform the work safely and efficiently with the highest respect for the safety of our employees, and the preservation of your property, landscape, and building structures.

Our employees have a great deal of training and practice in the safe removal of your trees using various methods including but not limited to:

Manual Removal: The tree removal is performed by working aloft within the tree, by physically climbing throughout the tree and utilizing safe anchor points to lower pieces down using safety rated ropes, blocks, and other devices. Although this appears simple and often easy this method requires significant knowledge and skill to safely remove a tree.

Portable Aerial Devices: Certain situations require portable aerial devices or mini lift devices to perform tree removals. These devices are usually required when the tree has degraded to the point where it is unsafe for a worker to manually climb the tree, or when it is more efficient to use these devices to perform the work.

Crane Truck Removals: Crane truck can be used when a tree has large quantities of wood or several heavy limbs that would either be time consuming or physically overwhelming to workers to remove the tree manually. In some case the tree structure does not allow for manually rigging pieces safely away from houses or other desirable structures. In these situations utilizing a crane can increase worker safety as well as save time and money, making the overall removal cost lower to the client.

All Removals: Our experienced professional Arborists and consultants will determine the safest and most efficient method of removal when we provide you with the removal quotation.