Name: Patricia Thomson

Position: General Manager, Consultant, Owner

KTC since: 2001

Previous work experience:
Thomson, Bruce and Associates
Humber College
Shady Lane Tree Experts
City of Toronto, Urban Forestry

Bachelor of Science in Forestry (University of Toronto, 1987)
Certified Arborist with International Society of Arboriculture (ON-0132A)

Motorcycle riding

About Patricia Thomson:
Trish has been the General Manager and Consulting Arborist at Kelly’s Tree Care since 2001 after four years as a Consulting Arborist in Thomson, Bruce and Associates and Patricia Thomson, Consulting Arborist, both which provided professional, scientific plant health consulting services in the commercial, municipal and private sectors. She graduated from the University of Toronto Forestry Program in May of 1987 and immediately entered the employment of the City of Toronto, Forestry Section as an Integrated Pest Management Inspector. For the next two years, she inspected and diagnosed tree health problems and developed management programs for economically important pests. In April 1990, she joined Shady Lane Tree Care as a Plant Health Care Specialist and continued with that company for 6 ½ years. She was responsible for the diagnosis of plant health problems and development of pest management programs. She also was involved with the assessment of plant health and valuation of trees. In January 1991, Patricia joined the faculty in the Humber College Landscape Technology Program as a contract instructor. She has delivered courses in woody plant assessment, tree identification, insect and disease identification and management and preparation for pesticide licensing to both full time, part-time and Apprentice students. She has been a Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture since 1993. Trish is fond of wines, cats, and long dinners in Italy.